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Accredited Quit Online Training for GPs

11 JUL

Quit, in collaboration with health professionals, has created two online training options for GPs: (1) brief advice online training and (2) a Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle for GPs. Both centre around Quit’s 3 step Ask, Advise, Help (AAH) model of brief advice:

  • Ask all patients about their smoking status and document this in their medical record

  • Advise all smokers the best thing they can do for their health is to quit, and the most effective way to quit is with a combination of pharmacotherapy and behavioural intervention

  • Help patients to quit by prescribing NRT or smoking cessation medications and referring to Quitline (13 7848)

Most people know that smoking is not good for your health, but many are surprised to learn that smokers are at an increased risk of vision loss. Cigarettes contain approximately 7,000 chemicals which enter the blood stream, damaging blood vessels throughout the body including the eyes.

Quit, with input from GPs, has developed two online training courses: Brief Advice Training, accredited by the RACGP for Category 2 points

Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle, accredited by the RACGP for Category 1 points

You can access the training here.