World Glaucoma Week 2013

World Glaucoma Week aims to educate people about how to assess their risk for glaucoma and to be aware of the importance of regular eye exams and disease detection. It also seeks to provide support for diagnosed patients and for members of the advocacy community. Events take place all over the world.

Both the WGA and WGPA were created to minimise visual disability from glaucoma, and to improve the lives of glaucoma patients around the world. The WGA works to optimise the quality of glaucoma science and care through communication and cooperation among national and regional Glaucoma Societies, with companies involved with glaucoma, glaucoma patient organisations and others in the glaucoma community. The WGPA works globally to encourage the establishment of and cooperation among national Glaucoma Patient Associations. The group serves as an umbrella organisation to provide useful information to individuals, health care providers and support groups that are devoted to the fight against glaucoma.

For more information about World Glaucoma Week and activities planned around the world, visit the World Glaucoma Week website.

For more information about the activities organised around Australia, visit the Glaucoma Australia website