Get involved

As a valued health care provider you play a critical role in the prevention of avoidable vision loss.

Eye health is often taken for granted as people believe they can see well and therefore must have healthy eyes. However many eye problems are asymptomatic in their early stages with vision loss progressing before a person notices their vision impairment, often too late to save the sight they have lost.

Become an ambassador in the fight to eliminate avoidable blindness and vision loss in Australia and pass on this key message to all of your patients/clients:

Save Your Sight – Get Tested

The Vision Initiative works with many partner organisations across Victoria to strengthen the relations between the health and eye health sectors and improve the number of at-risk people engaging with regular eye test.

The Vision Initiative is currently implementing the program activity in Whittlesea, Bass Coast, Central Goldfields, Hepburn, Moira and Glenelg, working hand in hand with health and eye health professionals in the local community. Your participation can benefit you and your patients. For more information contact

State wide, the Vision Initiative takes part each year in World Sight Day by organising an event and awareness activities as well as participating in public events such as the Victorian Seniors Festival.

The Vision Initiative also works in partnership with Diabetes Australia Victoria and the Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes (ACBRD) on the Diabetes and eye health project, that aims to increase rates of eye tests in people with type 2 diabetes, and to improve the early detection and management of diabetic retinopathy.