Your role in eye health

As a valued health care provider you play a critical role in the prevention of avoidable vision loss.

Eye health is often taken for granted as people believe they can see well and therefore must have healthy eyes. However many eye problems are asymptomatic in their early stages with vision loss progressing before a person notices their vision impairment, often too late to save the sight already lost.

In Australia, 90 per cent of vision loss is preventable or treatable if eyes are given the proper care and attention they deserve. Regular eye tests are the best way to detect any developing problems early and ensure the best chance for treatment.

When talking to your patients/clients on a day to day basis, you can identify people who may be at-risk of developing an eye condition, encourage them to have regular eye tests, provide eye health information to them, carry out initial assessment of an eye problem and refer to the appropriate eye health professional when necessary.