One Australian is diagnosed with diabetes every 5 minutes

MEDIA RELEASE. SYDNEY: 11 July 2016: A person with diabetes is 25 times more likely to go blind than other people. With 1.7 million Australians currently living with diabetes, the strain that diabetic related eye disease has on Australian health services is immense. It is only through continued funding into eye research, and increased screenings, that can we progress towards seeing a clearer future, according to The Eye Surgeons’ Foundation.

July is the month to look after your sight!

MEDIA RELEASE. SYDNEY: July 1 2016: For the first time in its nine year history, The Eye Surgeons’ Foundation, is asking Australians to donate $1 for every year of good sight they have enjoyed to fund vital research as part of its’ annual community awareness campaign, JulEYE. The Foundation funds these new projects through grants to the Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia (ORIA), which supports vision researchers around the country.