Ophthalmology services


Ophthalmologists are medical doctors. They have completed specialist training in medicine and surgery of the eyes. They carry out eye tests, diagnose and treat all eye diseases and perform eye surgery.

You may see an ophthalmologist in a local private practice, a hospital eye clinic or in a public health clinic.

A referral is required to obtain the Medicare rebate. Your GP or optometrist can assist with referrals. They will also ensure that urgent eye conditions are seen as soon as possible.

Ophthalmic nurses

Ophthalmic nurses work alongside ophthalmologists to provide care to patients during their treatment. Ophthalmic nurses can be registered or enrolled nurses.

Did you know?

Orthoptists are allied eye health professionals trained in the assessment and treatment of patients with eye disorders. They diagnose and manage eye problems and specialise in children’s vision, eye movement disorders and low vision care. Orthoptists often work with patients after surgery to assist in their recovery.

For more information

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