Who is at risk

The risk of developing an eye condition becomes much more common as people enter their forties. If you are aged 40 or over, it is important that you include regular eye tests as part of your health care.

People who smoke, have diabetes or a family history of eye disease are also at increased risk of eye disease. If you are more at risk it is important to have regular eye tests to ensure eye problems are detected early to prevent avoidable vision loss.

Eye tests can be arranged through an optometrist, by referral to an ophthalmologist, or by speaking to your GP.

Change in vision

If you notice a change in your vision, do not wait! Book an eye test immediately. While some changes in vision may be symptoms of refractive error, which in most cases can easily be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, changes can also be a warning that something more serious is happening.

If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate, contact an optometrist, your GP or ophthalmologist and ask for advice.

Save Your Sight – Get Tested.