Services available

There are a number of health professionals who may have a role in your eye health or vision care.

Ophthalmologists (specialist eye doctors) and optometrists are the two main health professions specialised in the health of the eye. They have a specific role in the diagnosis, treatment and management of vision and eye problems.

The work of optometrists and ophthalmologists may be supported by other professionals, such as orthoptists or ophthalmic nurses.

Your GP, pharmacist or local practice nurse can also play an important role in supporting your eye health. If required, your GP or optometrist can refer you to an ophthalmologist.

There are many services and supports that can help people experiencing vision loss make the most of their vision and adjust to vision impairment by learning new ways to carry out everyday tasks.

Finally, a wide range of organisations can also provide information and support on eye health and vision care.